MIHMCI: First Anniversary Activities

To celebrate their first anniversary in July 2019, MIHMCI extended quality healthcare services through special promos and activities. They offered free services such as mammography, liver elastography, dental consultation, chest X-ray, pedia consultation, free bone scanning and an OB lecture by Dr. Gertrude Gelito and Dr. Donna Emelie Alindog.

Doctors Gelito and Alindog talked about women's health such as menopause, HPV, cervical cancer and the required screening for early detection.

Alindog reminded the participants to have a pap smear in order to detect any women's health issues. She also encouraged parents to consider giving HPV vaccination to their children as a form of protection against cervical cancer. She also shared that men also get cancer from the HPV, thus must consider the same.

I availed of their fee vital signs checking, bone scanning, hematocrit screening, and OB gyne consultation and results are all normal.

MIHMCI: First Anniversary Activities

Dr. Donna Bedonia, one of the doctors giving free consultation, was kind enough to explain my case, that post-menopause and post-hysterectomy, a woman's fats actually store estrogen still and serve as a protection from osteoporosis. But she advised that one must continue to do weight-bearing exercises such as walking for heart health.

They also gave an anniversary package that benefited selected patients for UGI Endoscopy, Hemorrhoidectomy, Bilateral Tubal Ligation, creation of AV Fistula, Diagnostic Cystoscopy, the release of trigger finger/carpal tunnel exam, throat exam and laryngoscopy, shaving of the epidermal lesion, sigmoidoscopy, and herniorrhaphy. 

The patients were carefully examined by the MIHMCI doctors to ensure that they were qualified for the procedure. One of the requirements is an active PhilHealth membership.