MIHMCI Articles

Making Innovations For Health And Medical Care

Metro Iloilo Hospital and Medical Center Inc. (MIHMCI) is a hospital that is owned and run by medical doctors who are serious about providing innovative and quality health care to Ilonggos.

MIHMCI boasts of top-notch facilities which include the first-ever computer-controlled pneumatic tube system to transport drugs, documents and specimen to and from laboratories, nurse stations, and cashiers.

When I set foot in their Out-Patient and Clinical Care (OPCC) to participate in one of their anniversary-related activities, a buzzing sound coming from the ceiling caught my attention. There I saw a cylindrical container being transported inside a light blue colored computer-controlled pneumatic tube. In fact, one can see that tube in every area of the hospital. It saves the nurses and staff time in going from one place to another to deliver stuff. No wonder I did not see much nurses going around even if they were full at that time.

During the media tour, Ms. Carolyn Yoro, director of Nursing Services showed us around the hospital. The ground floor houses the diagnostic department and pharmacy. The second floor is for special areas such as the operating room complex, intensive care unit, neonatal ICU, hemodialysis unit and more. The third floor is the OPCC which is composed of 40 multi-specialty clinics with an adjacent laboratory on the same floor. It has its own elevator which out-patients can access outside of the building. The fourth to sixth floors are the in-patient rooms.

MIHMCI is the first private and complete hospital in the northeastern part of Iloilo. “Our advantage is that this is the only hospital within the 5-kilometer radius of the northeastern part of Iloilo City. We are near patients who are coming from Passi, Barotac, and Pototan for example,” Yoro said.